Endorsement letters

Creeth is respected

I would like to endorse Richard Creeth, my fellow member of the Board of Finance, for re-election. Richard has done the customary Wilton political route in reverse, having served eight years as selectman, then four years on the Board of Finance. He has also served as a charter member and then co-chair of the Energy Commission and as counsel to Bill Brennan and Lynne Vanderslice on several issues. His work and his thoughts on the Board of Finance are respected by the Republican members and well as yours truly. Please vote for Richard on election day.
John Kalamarides

Bufano and Cole are smart

I am writing to express support for Lori Bufano and Josh Cole for selectmen. Both are exceptionally qualified, smart and tough. Josh has spent a career untangling Gordian knots in a sophisticated commercial law practice, experience that is not for the faint of heart and will be an asset. Lori Bufano’s CV sounds similar notes: Lori is an M.B.A. who has served Wilton for years and is an accomplished professional at Yale Health with Six Sigma credentials, to say nothing of a productive tenure on the BOS. Josh and Lori have also shown, unlike others, the right temperament for BOS.
Bill Lalor

Jeanes is dedicated

I would like to recommend Gretchen Jeanes for a seat on the Wilton Board of Education. I have volunteered with Gretchen in the Wilton Public Schools through the years on various endeavors. She is dedicated and extremely hard-working. Gretchen will have children in the school system for the next eight years, which I believe will provide valuable insight for her position. Her volunteer work on the Miller-Driscoll Building Committee as well as her work on the executive board of both Miller-Driscoll and Cider Mill PTAs ensure that she will be an asset to the Board of Education.
Annemarie Aronowitz

Alper and McFadden for diverse views

I support Al Alper and Deb McFadden for the Board of Selectmen because I favor the widest possible diversity of opinions on the board. I do not agree with Al and Deb on every issue, but I know we make better decisions when all points of view are represented and considered. Al and Deb represent very different and very important points of view. The politics of one-party rule has not worked for us in Hartford or Washington. It will not work for us in Wilton. That is why I support Al and Deb.
Michael P. Kaelin

Bufano and Cole have integrity

There are many reasons why the Wilton Republican Town Committee and voters from all political affiliations are enthusiastically endorsing and supporting Lori Bufano and Josh Cole to represent them on the Board of Selectmen. Yes, they bring the best mix of real-world experiences and skills from their impressive careers and years of public service and leadership on town boards. But, more importantly, they exhibit the qualities we all value most in Wilton’s leaders — good judgment, solid integrity, accountability, thoughtfulness, fairness, confidence and effectiveness. I trust they will best represent our town. Vote for Lori and Josh on Nov 7.
Scott Lawrence

Jeanes provides relevancy

As an involved parent within the Wilton Public Schools, I care about how my children and my family are represented and served. There remains only one current Wilton parent on the Board of Education and I feel another current parent is necessary. A parent who is relatable and responsible. Gretchen Jeanes provides relevancy to a position needing current parent relationships with administration, other parents, and the community. She has been successful in effectuating change which has enabled the district to provide the best for our children and there is no doubt she would be an effective leader, advocate, and team player.
Julie Fowler

Low dedicated to excellence

Elect the most qualified candidate for Board of Education — Deborah Low. Deborah worked for 20 years in the Wilton school system, including as our assistant superintendent and high school principal. She recently retired as superintendent of Ridgefield schools after eight years. Deborah is a 38-year resident of Wilton and a parent of two Wilton graduates. The choice is clear. Vote for Deborah Low — an education expert dedicated to excellence in our Wilton schools!
Jackie Kremer

We need Bufano and Cole

I write to support Lori Bufano and Josh Cole for the Board of Selectmen, one of the local boards I had previously served on.

Wilton has been able to successfully navigate the state’s economic uncertainty due to sound decisions by our town leaders, especially our BOS.

Lori and Josh are the best candidates to ensure continued stewardship. Lori is a current BOS member who demonstrates commitment to fiscal responsibility. Josh will bring a fresh perspective, gleaned from previous town experience and his skills as an attorney.

Local government office holders will face many challenges ahead. I believe that Josh and Lori are the candidates we need.
State Sen. Toni Boucher (R-26)

Bufano and Cole will contribute

I strongly endorse Lori Bufano and Josh Cole for the Board of Selectmen. As first selectman, I take the decision whether to endorse candidates very seriously and don’t blindly make political decisions. Having worked with all four candidates, I know their temperaments and their ideas.

Judgment, integrity and a willingness to put the interests of the town first are the most important qualities in a selectman. Furthermore, they must be able to bring unique and needed experiences and skills. Effective selectmen must also be willing to work collaboratively and contribute beyond the meetings. Lori and Josh uniquely meet these criteria.
First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice

McFadden will work for all

Deborah McFadden has always served our community with determination and dedication. Two years ago, while on the Board of Selectmen, McFadden chose to run for first selectman because she was committed to the community and to providing the town with a choice in local elections. Whether in elected office or in volunteer positions, she has never stopped working to make Wilton a better place. She will work for all Wilton residents. Wilton needs Deborah McFadden's important voice on the Board of Selectmen.
Laura Schwemm

Jeanes for fiscal responsibility

Gretchen Jeanes deserves our vote to represent us on the Board of Education. She is experienced, having served on the executive committee of the Cider Mill PTA and with the Miller-Driscoll PTA. Gretchen is also a real estate agent and so she understands how critical the schools are to families choosing to live in Wilton.

At the candidate’s forum, she said, “If elected I will work to see that the budget reflects student enrollment. But if there are cuts to be made I will see that it’s done without hurting teachers or students.” That's a winning formula!
Tom Burgess

Hemmerle, Preston committed to quality

Board of Education candidates Glenn Hemmerle and Andrea Preston have a keen understanding of the tremendous value of Wilton’s schools, for our students and for our community. They’re committed to preserving and enhancing our schools’ high quality while providing exemplary stewardship of residents’ tax dollars. With their extensive town government experience, they’ve developed strong collaboration, listening, and communication skills, and will work effectively with BOE colleagues and other town boards to steer Wilton through uncertain economic times. Andrea and Glenn care about our schools, and they care about Wilton. Please join me in voting for them on Nov. 7.
Gail Lavielle

Low for Board of Education

I have known Deborah Low for 25 years and can attest to her passion for education and her commitment to putting students first. She understands complex educational issues and has a deep grasp of, and respect for, the roles and responsibilities of members of a board of education. Throughout her distinguished 38-year career in education she demonstrated an ability to work collaboratively and effectively with teachers, students and parents. I can assure you that she would contribute greatly to the important work of the Board of Education and urge you to give her your vote on Nov. 7.
Gary G. Richards
Superintendent, Wilton Public Schools, 2004-2014

Bufano and Cole bring experience

I am writing to endorse Lori Bufano and Josh Cole as selectmen. Both have earned the endorsement of the RTC.

Lori has lived in Wilton since 1973 and has been active for over 10 years serving on the ZBA and Planning and Zoning Commission and works for a Fortune 500 company.

Josh and his family have lived in Wilton for 10 years and his experience as an attorney is a strong advantage in performing duties as a selectman.

Lori and Josh bring the right experience and collaborative approach to the BOS and I endorse their candidacy.
State Rep. Tom O’Dea

Selectmen need diversity

Deb McFadden's deep and broad experience in so many aspects of life in Wilton makes her uniquely qualified to serve a second term on Wilton's Board of Selectmen. She would rejoin this Board when the only Democrat, Richard Dubow, retires.

I have lived in Wilton for over 52 years, and this is the first candidate endorsement letter I have written. It reflects how strongly I support Deb McFadden as a candidate as well as my belief that the Board of Selectmen needs to represent the current diversity of Wilton voters.
Barbara B. Holdridge

Preston, Hemmerle fiscal stewards

I am writing to endorse Andrea Preston and Glenn Hemmerle as candidates for the Board of Education. Each is endorsed by the RTC.

Andrea has lived in Wilton for almost 20 years and has been active in the community, including her current position serving on P&Z.

Glenn has been a corporate CEO which has given him a broad skillset necessary to oversee the BOE.

Andrea and Glenn will be strong fiscal stewards who will work with all the town leaders to improve the district and I ask that you consider voting for them on election day.
State Rep. Tom O’Dea

Low dedicated to children

Wilton needs Deborah Low on the Board of Education. Her 38 years of educational experience, including here in Wilton for over 20 years as assistant superintendent and high school principal, make her uniquely qualified for the position. She has dedicated her career to the needs of children. Deborah was instrumental in creating increased awareness of our children’s social and emotional needs. She also advocated for needed initiatives such as improved early literacy and math instruction and expanded support services. Deborah Low would bring exceptional and valuable perspectives to the board.
Christine M. Tenore

McFadden is honest, straighforward

I have known Deborah McFadden for a number of years and worked with her on a variety of issues. I would like to say she is one of most honest and straightforward people I have ever dealt with.

She is also exceptionally tolerant. She is unusually open to listening to people with opposing points of view. I strongly support her for selectman.
Dan Troph

Rotini for Planning & Zoning

Planning & Zoning is one of Wilton’s most important governmental bodies. P&Z decisions impact Wilton’s character, the value of our houses, the amount of traffic on our streets, and the quality of life in our neighborhoods. Looking around, we can see good zoning decisions that have improved our town, and poor ones that have damaged it. P&Z candidate Melissa-Jean Rotini is a municipal attorney knowledgeable about complex zoning laws and regulations. She fully understands the value of Wilton’s character and quality of life, and will ensure our voices are sought and heard when zoning decisions are made.
Edward Rowley

McFadden serves our seniors

Let's return Deb McFadden to the Board of Selectmen so that she may encourage transparency, fairness and creativity in all board functions. During her 2015 term as selectman, Deb proved that she always does her homework and that she can be counted on to ask the probing questions. A 20-year Wilton resident, Deb will represent the broad range of Wilton age groups with special concern for policies that will serve the best interests of our seniors.
Join me in voting for Deb McFadden as your experienced and wise selectman!
Judy Zucker