Endorsement Letters: Kaelin, McFadden, Vanderslice

Who we gonna call?

Mike Kaelin has my enthusiastic endorsement for Wilton selectman. I have known Mike for many years, especially these past nine years as we worked closely together on the Wilton Library Board. Mike is smart, fair, kind and works like a dog, free of charge for the citizens of Wilton! I think so highly of Mike and his extraordinary family that I nominated them for Wilton’s Citizen of 2015 — and they won! If I need a smart, caring friend, I call Mike. If I need astute legal and business advice, I call Mike. Now, we need a first-rate selectman, who we gonna call?

AP Duffy

McFadden politically astute

When we pay property taxes, our money is invested in Wilton. When we pay state income taxes, our money goes to Hartford.
Why on earth would we elect a Republican first selectman when statewide decisions that affect Fairfield County are made by a Democrat-controlled state government?
I’ve known and trusted Deb McFadden since 2001. She is politically astute and experienced so she knows how to get things done.
It does not matter whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, or Independent. Deb McFadden is the candidate you can trust to return more of our Connecticut income tax dollars to benefit Wilton.
Sallie Mitchell

Vanderslice has background

I have had the opportunity on several occasions to hear Lynne Vanderslice speak about her vision for Wilton, and each time I went away with the same thought: “I am so glad she is running for first selectman.” Lynne is passionate about improving economic development in our town, and understands that to remain competitive with our neighbors, we need to bring down taxes.   She has a strong financial background that is critical for a town’s “CEO,” and will be an excellent steward of Wilton’s future. I encourage all Wiltonians to support Lynne Vanderslice for first selectman.
Andrea Preston

Vanderslice and Kaelin

May I take this opportunity to fully endorse Lynne Vanderslice for first selectman and Michael Kaelin for selectman.
As we contrast Wilton’s tax rate and “opportunities/offerings” with our neighboring towns, we find a big variance, with Wilton a distant last. We need leadership that is strong and willing to cater to the desires and demands of the residents. We desperately need fiscal prudence and financial oversight to be competitive with our neighboring towns within a state that is ridiculously low in all parameters. Not an easy task at hand, but with their leadership, I am certain Wilton will succeed and surpass!!
Albert G. Nickel

Advocate for economic future
Recently I spoke at length Lynne Vanderslice and was impressed! Lynne has distinguished herself as a strong advocate for Wilton’s economic future, and a voice for fiscal responsibility — as seen by her actions while on the Board of Finance. She understands that we can no longer rely on annual tax increases to maintain our town — we need to attract businesses to Wilton, and examine our current spending levels.   Wilton is a great place to live, and we need to be careful in choosing our new first selectman.   Lynne is certainly up to it, and deserves our support.
Peter Wrampe

Tireless volunteer
I am writing in strong support of Mike Kaelin’s candidacy for the Board of Selectmen.   His current position as a selectman, his years on the library board and his time vice chairing our Charter Review Commission proves he has a thorough understanding of the issues facing our town, and solid ideas for moving us forward. Mike shares my concern for addressing Wilton’s high taxes, and is committed to attracting new businesses to town. Mike has been a tireless volunteer in our town, and will continue to serve us well.
Carol Lenihan

Skilled leadership
Wilton needs an experienced, thoughtful and skilled leader like Mike Kaelin on the Board of Selectmen, now more than ever. An accomplished litigator and devout town volunteer, he has distinguished himself as a selectman with an effective presence and keen insight into Wilton’s increasingly complex fiscal, economic and legal issues. His love of the town and dedication to improving its operations, finances and governance from a fiscally conservative standpoint are exactly what is needed to reduce taxes, increase growth, attract new families and businesses and improve the quality of   life for Wiltonians. Please vote for Mike Kaelin on Nov. 3.
Scott P. Lawrence

Good judgment

I have known Mike Kaelin for two decades and strongly support him for the Board of Selectmen.
I know Mike to be thoughtful, considerate, forceful as needed, and an excellent presenter both orally and in writing. His calm, good judgment leavens the toughest of situations, and he knows how to get quickly to the heart of complex issues.
Mike pulls no punches, but he also sees that all voices are heard and considers carefully what they have to say before reaching a decision and then sees that the decision gets carried forward effectively and efficiently.
He has my highest recommendation.
Steve Hudspeth