Election letters policy

The lawn signs have started popping up bringing with them election season. There will be 25 candidates on Wilton’s municipal election ballot, 14 in contested races.
So that we can publish as many letters as possible, The Bulletin has some rules and guidelines for letters to the editor for the Nov. 7 election.
Letters supporting a candidate or group of candidates may be no more than100 words. Longer letters will be rejected. Please include a word count with your letter and a daytime phone number. All submissions should be sent by email to editor@wiltonbulletin.com.
A person may write one letter per candidate. We will not publish more than one letter from the same person in a single issue nor will we publish letters from candidates regarding their own races.
Letters on general election issues may run up to 300 words, but may not be cloaked endorsements (that is, a writer cannot analyze an issue for 250 words and then say, “Joe Smith is the best person for handling this problem.”).
All letters are due no later than noon on Tuesday; later submissions will be processed to run in the following week’s issue. All letters will also be placed on The Bulletin’s website, www.WiltonBulletin.com.
No letter critical of candidates will be published in the Nov. 2 issue, the last before the election. We may reject any letter or statement we think is unfair, libelous or in poor taste.