Editorial: For O'Dea

State Rep. Tom O’Dea was in Wilton recently for a ceremony at town hall that called for greater awareness of domestic violence as a significant societal problem. His words that day were encouraging as he recounted how, as a youth football coach, he and his colleagues try to impress ideals of respect among their young players.

We’d like to see more of Mr. O’Dea in Wilton, which comprises part of the 125th state House District he represents, along with his hometown of New Canaan.

Mr. O’Dea recently completed his first term in office, and he made a significant contribution in supporting bipartisan legislation that provides legal immunity for EMS responders in the use of Narcan, a drug that reverses a drug overdose involving opiods.

He also presented — unsuccessfully — legislation that would reduce Connecticut’s gasoline tax. His reasoning was to find a level that would entice enough out-of-state drivers to fill up when passing through or visiting Connecticut to offset the reduction to local drivers. He promised to raise the idea again, and if he can work the numbers to be revenue-neutral, it is an idea that is worth further exploration.

Even more appealing is his desire to eliminate taxes on Social Security and pension income. Social Security recipients paid into the plan with their payroll taxes. To be further taxed when retirees begin receiving benefits is wrong.

His Green Party opponent, David Bedell, who also ran two years ago, is not without good ideas. He is right on the mark with promoting an energy infrastructure that would emphasize green jobs and green energy.

As for transportation, he has given thought to how transit riders can get from the station to their ultimate destination without use of a car by promoting shuttle buses and taxi-vans that presumably would be less expensive and more practical than single-rider taxicabs.

All in all, however, Mr. O’Dea deserves a second term.