Democrats win top seats in Wilton election

Unofficial results show a remarkably strong showing for Democrats with Deborah McFadden winning a seat on the Board of Selectmen and Deborah Low and Gretchen Jeanes winning seats on the Board of Education.

Also winning a seat on the Board of Selectmen was Republican Lori Bufano. Republican Joshua Cole and petitioning candidate Al Alper were unsuccessful in their bids.

Republican Glenn Hemmerle retained his seat on the Board of Education but Republican Andrea Preston, dogged by a late controversy over some of her past social media posts, came in fourth.

Democrats Eric Fanwick and Doris Knapp won seats on the Planning and Zoning Commission, the only other contested race. Republicans Peter Shiue, Sally Poundstone, and Christopher Pagliaro won the other three seats with petitioning candidate Melissa-Jean Rotini failing to keep her seat on the commission.

Uncontested races included Board of Finance, Board of Assessment Appeals, Planning and Zoning Commission (to fill a vacancy), Zoning Board of Appeals, Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate, and Constables.

Democrats were the highest vote-getters in all three districts. Official vote tallies will be posted when they become available. Unofficial numbers from the registrars of voters are as follows:

Board of Selectmen

Deborah McFadden (D) 2294

Joshua S. Cole (R) 1744

Lori Bufano (R) 2084

Al Alper (P) 611

Board of Education

Deborah Low (D) 2847

Gretchen Jeanes (D) 2420

Andrea D. Preston (R) 1540

Glenn Hemmerle (R) 2468

Planning and Zoning Commission (full term)

Eric Fanwick (D) 2374

Doris Knapp (D) 2466

Peter Shiue (R) 2280

Sally Poundstone (R) 2151

Christopher Pagliaro (R) 2257

Melissa-Jean Rotini (P) 1554

Board of Finance

Richard F. Creeth (D) 2720

Stewart Koenigsberg (R) 2416

Jeffrey Rutishauser (R) 2428

Board of Assessment Appeals

Rudolf Hoefling (R) 2440

Planning and Zoning Commission (fill vacancy)

Basam E. Nabulsi (D) 2651

Richard Tomasetti (R) 2407

Matthew Murphy (R) 2336

Zoning Board of Appeals

Tom Gunther (D) 2639

Kenny Rhodes (R) 2421

Zoning Board of Appeals (alternate)

Jaclyn Coleman (D) 2614

Tracy Serpa (R) 2433


Bo Mitchell (D) 1966

Ernest G. Ricco (D) 1931

Warren L. Serenbetz (R) 1815

Christopher Gardner (R) 2111

Raymond T. Tobiassen 1713

Bold-face indicates winners.