Democrats call for stricter federal gun laws

At its meeting Thursday, Jan. 3, the Wilton Democratic Town Committee adopted the following resolution.

In the wake of the massacre of innocents at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, and the thousands of firearms deaths in the USA every year, our nation has finally reached the tipping point to demand stronger, meaningful federal firearms regulation.

Provisions of new federal firearms regulation should include, but not be limited to —

(1) An updated, comprehensive ban on assault weapons with no expiration date;

(2) The elimination of the gun show loophole for firearms registration;

(3) A limitation on the capacity of magazines for both handguns and long guns; and

(4) Regulation of ammunition sales for handguns, long guns and assault weapons, including a national database recording all ammunition sales

We also support federal funding of mental health studies to determine what might be done to reduce gun deaths, but new federal firearms laws should be enacted without waiting for the results of such studies.

The vote was unanimous among committee members attending.

The resolution was prompted by the Newtown shooting, DTC Chairman John Kalamarides said this week.

“This is a resolution originally developed by the Weston Democratic Town Committee,” he said, adding he believes other Democratic town committees in the area will follow suit.

“What they are going to do is approve some form of this, and basically document where they are coming from and where we should go from here after the Newtown event.”

The resolution is just a first step for the Wilton DTC, he said, and the committee “may very well” join with others to do more.

“This Newtown tragedy has really touched each of us in some way,” he said. “I don’t think there’s a person in Wilton who doesn’t know somebody who was lost or spared.

“It’s just bringing the reality of this whole issue of assault weapons and [high-capacity] magazines, and we’ve got to do something about that.”