Deborah McFadden picks up two endorsements

Deborah McFadden, the Democratic candidate for first selectman, has been endorsed by Board of Finance member John Kalamarides and fellow selectman, Dick Dubow.

Kalamarides said: “Deb McFadden will bring a new style, a young spirit, real-life experience, an openness to voter's opinions and ideas, great enthusiasm, and a passion for Wilton and Wiltonians to the position of 1st Selectman.

“In her 18 years in Wilton, Deb has been a devoted working wife, a mother to children who attend Wilton Schools, a dedicated member of her church, and a community leader and office holder.

“She has taken on many important projects in her community and public life seeing them to completion with people who should be involved beyond the committee.  She has spoken up at all public meetings. She has taken public officials to task. She has been deeply involved in Wilton issues.

“Deb has worked in municipal government beyond Wilton and Connecticut. She knows how to work with government to get things done. She brings a close working relationship and friendship with many other local, regional, state, and national elected officials.

“As we go forward, we need a leader who will work to keep our taxes in prospective, who will seek efficiencies in Town government without sacrificing essential services or devoted employees, and who will work to broaden the tax base working hand-in-hand with the business community.

“This year we have a real choice as to who will be our next 1st Selectman.

“For all these reasons, I give my endorsement to Deb McFadden for 1st Selectman.”

Dubow, current member of the Board of Selectmen, has previously served on the Board of Education, Board of Finance for eight years, including chairman for one year and previously served two terms on the Board of Selectmen.

He said: “For the first time in many years, Wilton has been given a real choice as to who will be our next First Selectman.  In considering the two candidates, both of whom I have come to know well, I heartily and enthusiastically endorse Deborah McFadden for the office, and urge Wilton voters to go to the polls on November 3rd, make your voices heard, and elect her to lead our town into the future.

“For those who know Deb from her previous work on behalf of Wilton's citizens, it is clear that she provides the right balance of experience, skills, judgment and temperament to wisely manage Wilton's finances while also maintaining the high level of services our residents and businesses have come to expect.   Reducing the tax burden for Wilton residents, especially for our seniors, will always be a priority for Deb.  At the same time, she fully understands that fiscal management and leadership require more than blind adherence to a set of accounting principles or the establishment of an arbitrary percent increase in the mill rate.

“I can assure you that electing Deborah McFadden will make you and me proud to call her our First Selectman, and that all of us will benefit from the energy, enthusiasm, empathy and commitment she will bring to the job.

“Keep in mind that the Republican Party in Wilton does not own the keys to the First Selectman's office, so please vote on November 3rd and please elect Deb McFadden to lead Wilton over the next four years and beyond.”