Curry: Taking a cue from Ella Grasso

In the last few weeks of this campaign, the political energy that is driving all of our election efforts here in Connecticut has increased measurably.
I feel it as the Democratic Party candidate for the 26th Connecticut State Senate seat.
I feel this energy directly from the groups of voters and residents who have come out to the League of Women Voters Candidate Debate Forums across the 26th.
Their presence and interest has been a major source of inspiration.
After I spoke at the first three league debates, I had the confidence as well as the conviction that those attending had a deep understanding of what I was talking about when I said I felt we must re-assign and re-introduce the social and moral fabric that wraps around all our lives and all our actions, and how critical it is to have that very fabric be made stronger again in our legislative process.
I am describing an approach to governance, which must be inclusive and fair in considering how a legislative discussion and a legislative decision is going to affect our seven towns.
I would go back to Ella Grasso’s election to the governor’s office in 1974, to say that she remains the last and best of Connecticut governors so far in demonstrating a strength and set of values that energized her state as a whole. That meant everyone in this state. Her gender was an asset, but it wasn’t the determinant.
Her character was.
I ask to be your choice on Nov. 8 for state senator. I will continue to emulate, to my very best and in my own way, the drive and the character that Ella Grasso provided for her state. I want to represent my district the same way.
Carolanne Curry
Democratic candidate