Curry: Changes needed in Hartford

There have been some wonderful moments so far in this campaign. I have the opportunity to return again to the voters in the 26th State Senate District as a candidate on the Democratic Party ticket.

I originally ran against Wilton’s Senator Toni Boucher in 2012.

For the past 40 years, I have been steeped, saturated and satisfied in participating in Connecticut's history of elections, campaigns and contentious issues. This year, I am more than fortunate to be a candidate on the 2016 historic Democratic ticket.

Today, most everyone shares their thinking with me that the 2016 election will bring us our first woman President.  I agree.

On the State of Connecticut level, this 2016 election will enable voters to make changes that will ensure a sense of fairness and morality returns to the state legislature in Hartford.

We will make the changes needed to protect communities such as the 26th District, from becoming commodities in the hands of “affordable housing “developers, who destroy neighborhoods and communities with state permission under current housing law. This must change.

We must stop the practice by our state government of giving out a $22-million gift of taxpayer money to one of the largest hedge funders in the world. The unfairness of this gifting is so obvious as to be painful. This must change

We can no longer condone the disparity that currently defines the quality of public school education. It is more than a Constitutional right; it is a moral right that is being denied. This must change.

I have public service  on the full-time State Senate staff; I’m very familiar with municipal governance. I’ve accomplished major work in two Connecticut cities for two different mayors and I’ve trained and taught candidates at the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University  for 13 years.

I’m ready to serve the 26th State Senate District.  Let me start with your vote on Nov. 8, 2016.
Carolanne Curry
Democratic candidate