Candidate Rodgerson will hold meet-and-greet at CT Coffee Tuesday

Keith Rodgerson, the Democratic candidate for state representative in the 143rd District will host a meet-and-greet on Tuesday, Sept. 16, from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. at CT Coffee in Wilton.

The goal of this event is to talk informally with citizens in Wilton about the need for economic development and village growth along the Route 7 corridor.

“Economic development is a key factor in keeping property taxes low here in Wilton,” Mr. Rodgerson said.  “We need to combat vacancy, work regionally, and create more opportunities to both protect the private investment we have and spur additional growth.”

“I am looking forward to meeting with residents and business owners to hear community concerns and forge a path forward for Wilton and the region.”

Mr. Rodgerson is the executive director of the Neighborhood District Economic Development Corporation (NDEDC), which provides technical support to business districts, small businesses and manufacturers. Mr. Rodgerson invites all who wish to attend to stop by.