Bray runs for selectman

Gil Bray is a Democratic candidate for Board of Selectmen.
A resident since 1988, he has been involved in civic activities ever since, recently serving on the Board of Education in leadership positions, two years as chairman and three as vice chair.
If elected he plans to advocate for “enhancing the quality of life and maintenance of town services, making Wilton a desirable place to live and work,” he said.
A native of St. Louis, he went to college in Texas, graduate school in Washington, D.C., and spent two years in the military.
“I worked as a U.S. senator’s legislative aide, then moved to the Senate Banking Committee as subcommittee counsel,” he said. After several legislative sessions he joined Citibank and worked in London, Frankfurt — where his daughters were born — and Geneva before returning to work on the Citibank FX trading floor in New York City and live in Wilton.
“During that time I developed an FX trading and confirmation system,” he said. “The latter was sold to Misys International Banking Systems, a U.K. financial software house, together with the staff,” where he continues to work.
Bray believes his “varied life experiences both within and outside Wilton would add an experienced and thoughtful voice to the BOS.”