Alternative absentee ballot voting method

During the Board of Finance’s Sept. 15 meeting, Timber Top Trail resident Kimberly Becker asked how residents, who are out of town at the time of the Annual Town Meeting, are supposed to get absentee ballots to vote.
“They can’t,” said finance board member Al Alper, adding that the only way residents who are out of town can vote on the budget is by having someone send them a ballot
via FedEx.
According to the 2015 Annual Town Meeting & Absentee Voting Reminder from the Wilton Registrar of Voters and Elections Department, eligible voters who are unable to appear in person during the Tuesday or Saturday voting hours “may qualify to cast an absentee ballot, in person only, at the office of Wilton’s town clerk,” on the Wednesday, Thursday or Friday following the meeting.
Anyone out of town and unable to pick up an absentee ballot from the clerk’s office one of those three days would have to have somebody mail the ballot to them via overnight delivery.
The ballot is finalized Tuesday night “after all the motions are made” at the Annual Town Meeting, said Alper. Ballots are available for pick-up the following morning and can then be sent via next-day air to residents anywhere in the world, who would then have to fill them out and mail them back.