2016 Caucuses: Democrats, Republicans elect members

Earlier this month, the Wilton Democratic and Republican town committees held caucuses to endorse candidates to sit on their committees. The caucuses are held every two years.
The committees promote their respective parties by supporting candidates for municipal, state and federal office, as well as advocating for policy that supports their party’s platform. Members participate by:

  • Identifying and recruiting candidates to run for office.

  • Raising money for their committees and their candidates.

  • Working to get out the vote for their party’s candidates at every level.

  • Attending monthly meetings.

  • Serving on a committee.

  • Committing financial and volunteer resources to their committees and candidates.


The Wilton Democratic Town Committee (DTC) had a “brief” caucus on Tuesday, Jan. 5, at town hall, Chair Maryli Secrest told The Bulletin.
During the caucus, the following 22 Democrats were unanimously elected to serve as committee members from 2016 to 2018, beginning March 7:

  • Tom Burgess.

  • Paul Burnham.

  • Bob Carney.

  • Richard Creeth.

  • Tom Dubin.

  • Ted Hoffstatter.

  • John Kalamarides.

  • Charlie Lewis.

  • Brian Lilly.

  • Deborah McFadden.

  • Ernest Ricco.

  • Keith Rodgerson.

  • Valerie Rosenson.

  • Phil Sharlach.

  • Bob Sabo.

  • Maryli Secrest.

  • Jon Tan.

  • Ross Tartell.

  • Hemon Telyan.

  • Dan Troph.

  • Franklin Wong.

The DTC's next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 2, 7 p.m., in Room B of town hall. To learn more about the DTC, visit: www.wiltondems.org .


The following 35 Republicans were elected to serve on the Wilton Republican Town Committee (RTC) during its biennial caucus on Thursday, Jan. 7, in the town hall annex:

  • Lianne G. Acosta-Rua.

  • Al Alper.

  • Gary Battaglia.

  • Libby V. Bufano.

  • Lori A. Bufano.

  • Joshua S. Cole.

  • J. McGarry Costello.

  • Donald J. Drummond.

  • Christine Finkelstein.

  • William Follett.

  • Marianne Gustafson.

  • Gerald R. Holdridge.

  • Prasad V. Iyer.

  • Jennie Wong.

  • William P. Lalor.

  • Gail Lavielle.

  • Scott Pell Lawrence.

  • Carol Lenihan.

  • Bruce M. Likly.

  • Michael W. Lindberg.

  • Marissa G. Lowthert.

  • Hella K. McSweeney.

  • Peter Nigro.

  • Ogden C. Noel.

  • Frank Oliveri.

  • Edward T. Papp.

  • Andrea Preston.

  • Donald H. Sauvigne.

  • Miriam H. Sayegh.

  • Warren L. Serenbetz Jr.

  • Annalisa Antoinetta.

  • Raymond T. Tobiassen.

  • Christopher B. Weldon.

  • Charles K. Wessendorf.

  • Peter Wrampe.

The RTC's next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 9, 7:30 p.m., in Room B of town hall. To learn more about the RTC, visit: www.wiltonrtc.org .