BETHEL — A detective described by his police department as dedicated, hardworking and compassionate was awarded 2019 Officer of the Year, police announced Saturday.

Detective Jonathan “Chuck” McClintock was hired at the Bethel Police Department in 2015, initially spending the majority of his patrol days on the night shift.

In 2018, McClintock quickly expressed interest in the department’s new youth officer position.

“Detective McClintock has long been recognized as a hardworking, talented, and compassionate member of the Bethel Police Department, and as a result, was granted an opportunity to learn more about the position on a rotational assignment,” the police department said.

He was officially assigned to the Detective Burearu in 2019 as the youth officer.

Since getting assigned to the job, McClintock served as one of the department’s evidence room managers. He has also been forensically trained in digital investigations and juvenile interviews.

“Detective McClintock’s work continues to benefit the community at large, with his efforts having resulted in numerous warrants and arrests of offenders related to investigations that involve serious crimes against children,” the department said.

McClintock oversees all sexual assaults and juvenile-related cases, participates in and leads school and community events, and serves as the liaison between the department and many other agencies.

“Investigations aside, Detective McClintock is known for his personal pride in the Bethel Police Department which quickly became evident through various independent projects,” the department said. “Detective McClintock never hesitates to volunteer, and he can always be relied upon to exceed expectations. We are so fortunate to have you Detective McClintock! Congratulations!”