John Merwin, 66

John Merwin, who developed a lifelong love of fishing while growing up along the banks of the Comstock Brook in Wilton, died Feb. 20 in Lebanon, N.H., according to an obituary that appeared Feb. 26 in The New York Times. He was 66. According to the obituary, he had been hospitalized with several illnesses.

Mr. Merwin was the son of Gus and Ellie (Treadwell) Merwin. Gus was a Wilton native, according to Walt Smith of Forrest Lane, who said he was a good friend of the elder Merwin.

John Merwin was born Nov. 9, 1946, in Norwalk and soon came to Wilton, living with his parents in the miller’s house the couple purchased next to Merwin Falls. Situated behind the Wilton Congregational Church, the house was on land that was once part of Merwin Farm. (Part of the farm is now Merwin Meadows town park.)

Gus Merwin, after serving in the military during World War II, went to photography school, Mr. Smith said, and enjoyed a successful career focusing on landscapes and portrait work as well as weddings. He was among the founders of the Wilton Arts Council.

“John grew up on the water and Gus was a great fisherman and outdoor man,” Mr. Smith said. “He introduced John to fishing there.”

John Merwin went to school in Wilton and then attended the University of Michigan, although he did not graduate, according to the Times.

He eventually moved to Vermont, in the 1970s, where he tried his hand at farming and then turned to journalism. Always fishing, he aimed for a career in writing about the sport and eventually moved to Dorset, Vt., where Fly Fisherman magazine was based. He became its managing editor.

He was behind several start-ups, including Rod & Reel magazine and Fly Tackle Dealer. He joined Field & Stream in 1994, became its fishing editor in 2003, and then retired in 2010. He also wrote several books, including the highly regarded The New American Trout Fishing.

An avocation that began where the Comstock Brook joins with the Norwalk River took Mr. Merwin all over the world.

He is survived by his wife, Martha Poole Merwin, his daughter Emily, sons Jason and Sam, a granddaughter, and two brothers, Tom and Gus.