Top Wilton Democrat reflects on election results

To the Editors:

(The following letter to Wilton Democrats if printed here at the author’s request.)

I have been recovering from shock and sheer exhaustion.

First, I want to thank everyone who played a part in the election. Speaking for the Wilton Democratic Town Committee, we appreciate everyone who voted, donated, volunteered and advocated for our Democrats.

Hillary Clinton won the majority of votes for President in Wilton (and nationally!). Dick Blumenthal and Jim Himes also carried Wilton. We are the minority party in Wilton, yet the top three offices on the ballot were won by Democrats. Be proud of these significant accomplishments. We are fortunate to have Senator Blumenthal and Congressman Himes representing us in Washington, and we will continue to support them as they work for what is best for America.

Carolanne Curry ran bravely against incumbent Tony Boucher. We owe Carolanne a debt of gratitude for being willing to run in a challenging race against overwhelming odds.

We acknowledge Carole Young- Kleinfeld in both her re-election and execution of the actual election and professionally run polls in Wilton. This was the last election for Tina Gardner, the Republican registrar. We want to recognize Tina’s outstanding work over many elections and the non-partisan manner in which she, with Carole, conduct the registrars’ office.

Finally, in terms of the election, we need to recognize that many of our Republican and unaffiliated neighbors voted for our candidates, for this I am also grateful.

Today it is my hope that as a nation we can unite behind our new President-elect and have a smooth transition of power; that Trump will surround himself with seasoned and wise advisers; and that the weight of the mantle he will assume will lead to a rapid evolution in readiness to lead our nation with consideration for all Americans.

We need to be courageous in standing up for the rights of all of those who fear what the future might hold. Especially those singled out by our future President. Muslims, women, those in the LGBT community, immigrants, racial minorities, disabled — will need voices to stand with them.

It is clear that many Americans voted for Trump because they were looking for radical change. Many felt disenfranchised with politics as usual. They turned to the ultimate outsider. As Democrats, we too, were frustrated with willful gridlock in Washington caused by an obstructionist Congress. Our path to change would have been different.

Well, change is certainly coming; and I anticipate that it will be chaotic and at times volatile and painful for our nation. Each of us must consider how we want to react to this election. I encourage you to find ways to unite as Americans in seeking ways to face the challenges that confront our nation.

An important way to shape change consistent with your values is to become more actively involved in the Democratic party to advance our goals and candidates. Wilton’s Democratic Town Committee generally meets the first Tuesday of every month. We welcome your participation (

Let’s work on building rather than attacking. Today we are turning our attention to the future.

Deborah McFadden

Chair, Wilton Democratic Town Committee

Wilton, Nov. 9