Political endorsement letters: Lavielle, Tartell, Boucher, Stefanowski, Cafero

Wilton needs Gail Lavielle

Please join me in voting to re-elect Gail Lavielle as our state representative on Tuesday, Nov. 6. For the last eight years, Gail has been a steadfast champion and tireless advocate for all citizens of Wilton. She has fought hard to establish the fiscal policies and reforms which will be necessary to restore Connecticut’s financial health, keep and attract businesses, and reduce the tax burden on residents. Gail has earned our unwavering support. A vote against Gail will leave Wilton without a resident in the House of Representatives, and that would be a terrible loss for all of Wilton.
Joshua Cole

We need Ross Tartell in Hartford
We support Ross Tartell for representative in the 125th District. We know Ross through church and his work in town. He’s one of the most personable and impressive people we’ve met here. His career has been devoted to making organizations perform more effectively, as a consultant, teacher and volunteer. Ross does not disparage our state or our town. He loves Wilton. He loves Connecticut. He understands that progress requires fresh thinking and hard work, work that extends “across the aisle.” He shares our belief in fiscal discipline, environmental stewardship, and inclusiveness. Ross is the person we need in Hartford.
Bob and Julie Carney

Vote for actions, not politics

Democratic candidate for governor Ned Lamont and candidate for state representative (District 125) Ross Tartell and Republican state Senator Toni Boucher and District 143 Rep. Gail Lavielle have a tremendous range of experience and act wisely, thoughtfully and conscientiously, giving their best for our good.

These times surely call for finding ways to do things across the political aisle, recognizing excellent performance and extensive experience. I’m particularly appreciative that Toni Boucher came out in strong condemnation of President Trump’s appalling performance with Putin in Helsinki, stepping across the aisle on that crucial subject of profoundly grave importance for our nation.
Steve Hudspeth

Take back the state with GOP

Wiltons knows too well that Connecticut’s economy is in terrible shape, but it actually shrank last year and now ranks 49th out of the 50 states in terms of economic growth (according to The Hartford Courant). The housing market is terrible, we are missing out on a national economic boom, our taxes have increased almost every year, and the budget hole keeps getting deeper. Rather than fix these problems, Democrats in Hartford are looking for new ways to tax, surcharge, defund, and toll us. For Wilton's sake, please vote for Gail Lavielle, Toni Boucher, Bob Stefanowski and the rest of the GOP ticket and help take back Connecticut.
William Lalor

Republicans for change

I used to be a Democrat because they were the party of change. But somehow over the last few decades, change stopped happening in Connecticut. Our economy stopped growing. Our population stopped growing. Our property values stopped growing. The only thing that ever seems to grow is the “temporary” income tax. Both parties share the blame for this — the Republican governor who signed the 1992 income tax into law and the Democratic legislature that raised it since then. This year I’m voting for Gail Lavielle, Toni Boucher and a Republican legislature for a real change in Hartford. I hope you will, too.
Philip Murphy

Cafero for probate judge

I highly endorse Larry Cafero Jr. for Wilton/Norwalk Probate Judge. Our probate judge is invaluable to Wilton and is our personal overseer to administer to those events difficult in life; transfer of property following death, appointment of guardians and conservators, and adoptions. Larry, who will follow the excellent example of retiring Judge Anthony DePanfilis, has been an attorney for 35 years, with 28 years of public service, most recently as Republican Leader of the House. His public service and legislative experience makes him the most qualified candidate. Please vote Cafero.
Donald Sauvigne

Cafero has skills for probate judge

I write this letter in support of Larry Cafero for probate judge. Larry worked tirelessly in the Connecticut legislature for Norwalk and Wilton, earning a reputation as a leader and consensus builder. He has also worked in the Norwalk school system to help kids who have had disciplinary problems. These are the skills we should be looking for in someone who will run our probate court system which often deals with families and individuals going through trying times. Larry would work to ensure fairness, competence, compassion and common sense for everyone who seeks the court’s assistance.
Warren Serenbetz