Political endorsement letters: Haskell, Tartell

 Will Haskell for State Senate

Like most people, I would raise an eyebrow about a 23-year-old running for State Senate. His challenger is a long-serving legislator who has served almost as long as Will has been around. But I have met and spoken with Will since he started campaigning and am impressed with his knowledge, maturity and passion. And passion for causes like strong gun control, infrastructure investment and education is what it is going to take to get things done in Hartford. Give Will a look and I am sure you will be as impressed as I am.
Robert Sabo

Tartell brings fresh perspective

Here is why I believe Ross Tartell is the best candidate to represent the 125 th district.

Ross brings a fresh perspective to the state’s many issues, but also has the knowledge and leadership to put that perspective into action. He is a consultant and educator who has spent much of his career helping companies get smarter and more efficient.

Ross knows that our state needs a lot of work to get its fiscal house in order. At the same time, he realizes it is imperative we improve the Connecticut transportation system if we are to attract the companies and workers who could help make that happen. These are issues most of us care deeply about.

Ross’s strong background in working with disparate groups to resolve problems in pursuit of a common goal makes me believe he is the best person to represent us in Hartford.
Alison Mark