Political endorsement letters: Boucher, Tartell

Boucher fights for Connecticut

Senator Boucher is a proven fighter for people in Connecticut. As a co-chair on the Education and Transportation Committees, she fought successfully against highway tolls and helped bring back state education funds to our town. Unfortunately, during her terms, she has been overruled by the Democratic-controlled legislature. Connecticut, once the envy in the nation, is now ranked at the bottom of every economic ranking. People and businesses are leaving the state. This November, vote for Toni Boucher for state senator and put her in the majority. We are only one seat away from turning the state around!
Jennie Wong

Ross Tartell for District 125

I have only known Ross for several years. But it did not take long to recognize the qualities that will make him a great legislator. He has many years of service to his community in volunteer and frankly unappreciated work. But that experience and his exceptional career as an expert in leadership is just what our state needs. Hartford needs a consensus builder eager to create solutions and not resort to blaming high taxes and over-compensated public employees for every problem. His priorities are every citizen’s priorities: addressing transportation issues, maintaining high quality education and stopping gun violence. Most important, he will work with all legislators to find common ground, reduce partisan battles and achieve consensus to make Connecticut a better place.
Robert Sabo

Boucher will get the job done

Our state has been run by one political faction for so long that we are jeopardizing not just our financial stability but our safety and advancement. More of the same is dangerous. Despite her years of experience, Toni Boucher has been a political outsider in Hartford. With the state senate tied between Democrats and Republicans, a vote for Toni would break the logjam and make change possible. I encourage all that love our town and state and want actions that bring positive change during a time of ambiguity and divide to vote for Toni. She will get the job done.
Anna Marie Bilella