Poem: One December Morning — Newtown, 2012

Hurry up the school bus is coming

The mother calls to the child

And put on your hat and pull on your gloves

As it’s quite cold outside.

Hat on head, backpack on back

Fingers entwined together

Mother and child walk down the drive

In the sunny December weather.

The school bus arrives with a screech of brakes

The door opens wide

There’s a quick hug and a kiss,

Then the child disappears inside

Soon a little face appears through the glass

The mother raises her hand

The bus starts up and drives off down the street

With its precious little band.

Slowly the mother enters the house

The breakfast bowls still on the table

I’ll get to those dishes she thinks,

Later when I am able.

But first a cup of warm sweet tea

And a little time for tea and me.

Taking the cup she settles in the comfy chair.

Running her fingers through her long hair

She thinks of the day ahead

Of  washing clothes and the drive into town

Of the dance tomorrow and her new gown

Of the child’s ballet class and the visit to the zoo

Yes, this weekend there’s so much to do.

Then she closes her eyes and a smile lights her face

As she thinks of the child so happy and sweet

And how time has flown since she was but a babe

And now she is six and in First Grade

The mother muses on and soon she’s asleep

Its 9:20 a.m. when her phone starts to beep …

Part II

The tree is up, the lights are set

Colored balls glisten in their place

The mother gives a rueful smile

And wipes a tear from her face.

Slowly the father lifts the lid from the box

And they gaze at the contents inside

A baby Jesus in his manger bed,

A wooden dog with a curly tail

A Hansel and Gretel house,

A blue sled made of lollipop sticks

A wreath, a Santa, a little pink mouse

And look says the mother,

The silver bell bought that first Christmas Eve,

The one she loved so much,

Another tear ran down her face

As she longed for her child’s touch

The mother sighs and rubs her back

As she slumps in the comfy chair

The father kisses his wife’s soft brow

And runs his fingers through her long hair.

She turns and the smile she gives him is a beautiful smile

As she takes his hand in hers

And places it upon her body with care

So that they may both feel the new Life growing there!

Resi (Theresia) Willumsen

Blue Ridge Road, Dec. 9