New election rules are important

To the Editors:

The League of Women Voters of Wilton wants to be sure that all Connecticut residents know about two new election laws enacted by the state legislature in 2012 that will be impacting the upcoming local election to be held on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Under the new laws:

Connecticut residents will now have the opportunity to register to vote on Election Day. Each town will have one designated registration location where you will be able to show proof of eligibility to register and vote at the same place. In Wilton, this will take place at town hall at 238 Danbury Road. While voters should still make every effort to ensure they are registered ahead of time, Election Day registration offers an important protection for those who do not have the opportunity to register earlier.

Any eligible voter who is permanently physically disabled will be able to receive an absentee ballot automatically for each election, primary, or referendum held in the voter’s town. You must complete an application for an absentee ballot, available from Wilton Town Clerk Bettye Ragognetti, and submit it to her office. You will need to ask your physician or medical care provider to send a letter certifying that you are unable to appear in person at your polling place to vote because of your disability. (State law requires that your doctor’s certification containing your medical information remain private and confidential.) Your absentee ballot should arrive about one month before the November election. For details, call the town clerk’s office at 203-563-0106.

To learn about the specifics of the new laws and election procedures, the League of Women Voters of Connecticut has developed two new informational brochures: Election Day Registration, and Important Changes for Voters with Disabilities: Permanent Absentee Ballots. These are available in English and Spanish on the LWVCT website at or by calling 203-288-7996. Additional information is available on the secretary of the state website at or

Amy Harris, President

League of Women Voters of Wilton

P.O. Box 71, Sept. 25