Letters: In favor of lighting regulation changes

The following letters were received by the Wilton Bulletin by residents in favor of lighting regulation changes.

Field inadequate

I have been a Wilton resident for 20 years. My children have both grown up in the Wilton youth sports program. It may be too late for them to benefit from the proposed improvements to Middlebrook fields, but we are hoping that ASAP, youth participants will be able to do so.

We are very much in support of the conversion of the Middlebrook School athletic field from sod to turf and the lighting necessary for such a conversion. On any given day during the fall athletic season, you may find over 30 teams competing for a sufficiently lighted practice facility. The Middlebrook sod field is the main youth practice facility and must support over 20 youth teams, all of whom practice in the evening. In its current state, Middlebrook field is inadequate. A mild rain closes the fields, practices past dusk (which comprise virtually all of the youth practices) are challenging given the current inferior lighting system.

The proposed Middlebrook conversion will be a significant improvement and will help us to provide the quality experience that our youth programs deserve.

Jeff Herlyn

Long Meadow Road

Support our children

As a father and coach of four boys it is obviously very easy for me and my family to support new lights on the Middlebrook Field in our town. The new lights will allow our youth sports an area to practice and hold sporting events. We would be able to compete more effectively with other towns that have much more advanced sporting and community venues. We would not have to worry about portable lighting generators, a patch of dirt, rocks and holes in the ground when teaching our kids. These are all reasons to support new lights and an enhanced sporting venue at Middlebrook.

More importantly, however, is that the approval for new lights and an enhanced venue is more about building on the tradition of what Wilton is all about. We should constantly find new ways to enhance our community, bring new energy to our community, connect the historic past with a thriving future, create an atmosphere that supports sports and education, and build an area of “connection.”

Communities have always thrived when people take the initiative to forge new paths, create a vision for the future so current residents stay in our town and new residents are attracted to our town, our community grows, and the value in the area rises. The most effective way to do this is to preserve the past and embrace it but at the same time build a new future that supports our young ones who are the real beneficiaries of all of this. Isn’t that what this is all about? The time is now to support our kids and the future of Wilton.

Chris Hyzy

Skunk Lane

Benefit families

As a resident of the town of Wilton (also a Wilton youth football and baseball coach), I support the conversion of the Middlebrook School athletic field from a sod field to an artificial turf field, including standard lighting for athletic fields. This project will benefit thousands of children and families in our town for many years.

Jeff Munrow

9 Fox Run

Benefit children

May I please offer wholehearted support/endorsement for the efforts to turf and provide current technology lighting for Middlebrook Field.

I feel it would be a generous gift to the town of Wilton, as well as huge benefit to the children/students of Middlebrook and the town to allow extended playing time on a “smooth” surface for sports participants and students of Middlebrook.

As very smart/generous/tactically evaluative citizens, we tend to evaluate all the aspects of a proposal to the “enth” degree. May I suggest we consider the big picture being more field time with a wholesome/drug-free/sports/energy directed expenditure activity directed effort for our students/children be considered, and all support this endeavor by very generous sports organizations and citizens. Please!

Please know, the proposal

put forth a sincere effort for the children/students, not by professionals in their field, as some as so very qualified to do so, object.

Thank you for your consideration!

Al Nickel

65 Keelers Ridge

Support of lights

I support the conversion of the Middlebrook School athletic field from a sod field to an artificial turf field, including standard lighting for athletic fields. Those who will benefit include:

• Wilton Youth Football Players — 393.

• Wilton Youth Cheerleaders — 172.

• Wilton Youth Boys Lacrosse Players (Spring 2013) — 356.

• Wilton Youth Girls Lacrosse Players (Spring 2013) — 355.

• Wilton Youth Field Hockey Players (Fall 2012) — 220.

•Middlebrook School Students (Est.) — 1,000+.

Dan O’Neil


Values will rise

I would like to register my support for the privately funded upgrade to the lights (and turf) at Middlebrook.

As a coach and competitor, I know our town does not just compete on the field, we compete against other towns for quality citizens and improved property values.

For Wilton’s property owners, we need to increase demand for our real estate to increase property values and we need Wilton’s academics, athletics, arts, and our town facilities to be attractive versus surrounding towns to create demand for property/homes in Wilton. To that end, many people have worked for over two years to improve the Middlebrook facilities. The efforts and donations of the silent majority must not be ignored or minimized by the misinformation and boisterous few.

The best course forward for Wilton is improvements to the town, especially improvements that increase stakeholder wealth, while saving them money. Modern lights and turf at Middlebrook will do just that, increase stakeholder/property owner wealth and save Wilton taxpayers money.

The Previte Family

Musket Ridge Road

Matt Zeyher

25 River Road

Not an airport

I wanted to express my strong support for the Middlebrook Turf Field Project.

My support would boil down to making the most productive and efficient use of a town resource — the school and its playing fields.

One way for the town of Wilton to support its citizens is to make every asset in the town’s portfolio as productive as possible.

Having practices and games constantly canceled because of rain and darkness is not an efficient use.

I would respond to the “postcard Mafia” as:

1) Calm down. We’re not proposing a commercial airport. It’s lights and turf at a school! What are you going to complain about next, the kids making too much noise?

2) Since the lights seem to be the issue, the lights are for when it’s dark. During most of the playing time in the spring/summer and early fall sunset is at 8 p.m.+ so the lights would hardly be used, or if they are, turned off at a reasonable time. These are 12 -, 13-year-old boys and girls, they have 8:30 bedtimes during the school week. I very much doubt people are sitting outside in late November gazing lovingly up at the stars in the cold. If they really, really are ardent star-gazers, then let them do it after 10 p.m. when the lights would be off. That seems like a reasonable accommodation of all concerned.

3) Wilton is not a farming community anymore. It’s great to propose spending $2.2 million to buy a conservation easement on a field, but how about spending some money on something that on a per use basis is going to be used so much more by the citizens.

Jeff Farrar

90 Scarlet Oak Drive