Letter: trail neighbors have questions, few answers

To the Editors:

In fall 2012, a group of concerned taxpayers in the Thunder Lake neighborhood in North Wilton met to discuss the Norwalk River Valley Trail with Pat Sesto and local officials. Based on preliminary trail maps, the NRVT will potentially come through state-owned land, cut through private property if easements are granted, and run along town-owned roads, including Thunder Lake Road. In theory, this route would allow the NRVT to link with Weir Farm trails to the north.

Concerns were expressed regarding budgeting, safety and maintenance. A long list of questions were presented to Ms. Sesto and the NRVT Committee regarding mixed usage of trails by horses, bikers and walkers; assumptions regarding private land owners offering easements; town of Wilton budget commitments; town of Wilton assumption of liability; town of Wilton emergency protocol and responsibility; safety impact on our heavily traveled, winding roads; time frame for completion; alternative NRVT routing options using town forests in lieu of Thunder Lake Road; snow removal and more.

In the past year, we have received very little information and very few answers to the many questions raised regarding the impact of the NRVT on the Thunder Lake neighborhood. As the NRVT celebrates its very impressive fund raising and groundbreaking on the South Wilton loop, we ask the Board of Selectmen and the NRVT Committee to recommit to answering the many questions posed, and to re-engage in dialogue with taxpayers immediately impacted by the NRVT further north through town.

We respectfully asked for transparency in discussions regarding the NRVT and the relationship between the town of Wilton and the NRVT. If the NRVT has any impact on the current or future town of Wilton budget, whether via public works crews or offering of town-owned land or roads, the Boards of Selectmen and Finance need to be more forthcoming with details.

Karen Kachadoorian

246 Thunder Lake Road, Oct. 27