Letter: prayer services needed encouragement

To the Editors:

On Tuesday evening, Aug. 27, Wilton Presbyterian Church hosted a prayer service to lift up the concerns of people in our congregation, and to offer prayers for our world, our country, our town, and the environment. Candles were lit, songs were sung and words were spoken in support of me and many others in our community and across the globe.

I would personally like to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the outpouring of love, prayers and support that our family has received from our friends in this wonderful community of Wilton and beyond. I would also like to acknowledge and thank Pastor Shannon White and the Rev. Jane Field for officiating the beautiful service, and Al Galletly and Ellen Lewis for sharing their gift of music with us.

My faith along with the support of my family and friends in this community will give me the strength that I will need for the journey ahead of me and will help me fight my battle with cancer.

I hope that everyone who lives in Wilton realizes how special our town is. I know I do.

Stephen Connor

Old Boston Road, Sept. 3