Letter: Zoning change for Ridgefield Road was wrong

To the Editors:

We are disappointed that the Wilton town government has approved a zoning modification which may fundamentally change our town without adequate public discussion. Specifically, the inclusion of historic and residential Ridgefield Road in the Age Restricted Zoning Overlay ("AROD") which potentially allows high-density housing on Ridgefield Road.

There is a request to remove Ridgefield Road from AROD with which we agree. Let’s keep our residential historic road consistent with its existing appealing character of a semi-rural countryside. Wouldn’t it be tragic if Ridgefield Road became as commercial and trafficked as Route 7, particularly given that there are numerous other locations with existing water and sewer hook-ups and better access to the center of town and public transportation that could be developed.

Wilton, please speak up and let’s correct our course.
Susan and Jeff Thompson
226 Ridgefield Road, March 27