Letter: Young voters step up to register

To the Editors:

Wilton’s Registrars of Voters Tina Gardner and Carole Young-Kleinfeld congratulate the 67 students who stepped up to participate in their democracy by registering to vote at the recent two-day voter registration drive held at Wilton High School.

We especially thank Assistant Principal Dan Schels, along with volunteers from the League of Women Voters and the registrars’ office — Deputy Registrar Kim Nabulsi, Linda Fein, Alex Corra, Sibylle Kinley, and Annalisa Stravato — for their assistance. It’s so encouraging to see young people taking an active interest in their government. We welcome them to the family of Wilton voters and hope to see them at the polls.
Carole Young-Kleinfeld
Tina Gardner
Registrars of Voters
Wilton, Jan. 28