Letter: Young children inspired by new art in town

To the Editors:

Thank you for your article on the dedication of Peter Rubino’s sculpture “Nurture” and the participation of the children of the Community Nursery School in this significant Wilton event. Our 4-year-olds look forward to expanding on this unique experience by creating their own sculptures inspired by Mr. Rubino’s work!

Situated in the heart of Wilton center, the Community Nursery School of Wilton has been an integral part of the life of our town for 77 years. In fact, Peter Rubino’s son is an alumnus of our school. At Community, our children learn about Wilton through field trips to town businesses, the post office, and Wilton Library. Our families and our board of trustees participate in the annual Thanksgiving and Christmas drives sponsored by Wilton Social Services, and the school provides scholarship funds to help provide a quality preschool education to Wilton residents who otherwise could not attend our program.

The participation of our children in the dedication of Mr. Rubino’s statue continued Community’s rich tradition of the integration of our school within our Wilton community. We are proud to be the “community” preschool of Wilton. Peter Rubino’s sculpture will remind all of us to form and foster the lasting bonds that enrich family, community, and our world. At the Community Nursery School of Wilton, we are proud to have been the first to be inspired!

Maggie Kelly

Parent and President of the Board of Trustees

Community Nursery School of Wilton

9 Hubbard Road, Nov. 29