Letter: Words do indeed have meaning

To the Editors:

In an item titled Some local Republicans sticking by Trump (10/20/16) the chairman of the Wilton Republican Town Committee, Mr. Al Alper, says that words are “meaningless!” Meaningless!

I vehemently disagree; words not only have meaning, they also have feelings! In the last few weeks Mr. Alper has through his coarse language and bizarre behavior managed to insult, slander and demean good and decent fellow Wiltonians because he believes they are behind the inexcusable destruction of political lawn signs and a scarecrow. He has also set himself up as prosecutor, jury and judge and vowed to bring the full extent of the law down on the perpetrators, who most likely are immature juvenile offenders.

As Wilton residents, we should demand that Mr. Alper present evidence that these acts of vandalism have been committed by Democrats. If he is unable to do so, he should immediately offer an apology to those he has slandered. Mr. Alper’s increasingly erratic behavior (placing “spy-cams” on public utility poles) and unsubstantiated accusations are doing serious damage to the image of the Wilton Republican Party and its members and more importantly, to his reputation as the party’s leader. Mr. Alper should resign immediately, but if he refuses to do so he should be removed by the organization’s leadership committee.
(Mr.) Franey Donovan
Wilton, Oct. 31