Letter: Wilton — what would you change?

To the Editors:

I moved from New Jersey seven years ago. Myself and my family moved for a few reasons but what made my decision easy was the ever-increasing taxes (with no seeming visible return) and the anything goes liberal agendas.

What attracted and has kept me in Wilton are the reasonable taxes, blue-ribbon public schools, active church- or synagogue-going community, strong inclusive sports programs, polite and responsive town services, services for those in need, top-notch YMCA and a very nice and safe downtown.

I have noticed an increase in Republican apathy and uptick of Democratic voter turnout.

In the last election cycle the Democratic party had a table on the sidewalk in the middle of town. I had to search and finally found the Republican storefront near the Dunkin’ Donuts on Route 7. I have noticed a creeping increase in Democratic turnout in the election results and a decrease in Republican margin of victory. I hope I am wrong in my observations.

My point and question is: If Republican stewardship has done such an even-handed job over the years, and presumably what has attracted Democrats to our town, what possible good could come of a turnover of such leadership?

As they have proven over the last five years, Democrats’ goals are those of the Progressives.

The Progressives’ goals as we have witnessed are of high taxes, intrusive government, lax social norms and the rejection of religious norms. President Obama repeatedly omits “under God” from his speeches, has purged conservatives from the military and three times Democrats booed God during the Democratic national platform creation (look it up on YouTube). Show me a town that has benefited fiscally, socially and quality of life measures with a liberal Democratic majority.

If you want to watch and experience another failure of those policies watch what happens in New York City from the safety of our town. Do not bring the same failed ideas to it.

 Michael Purdy

Cavalry Hill Road, Jan. 5