Letter: Wilton’s properties do not meet the needs of retiring seniors

To the Editors:
Regarding the letter entitled “Housing for seniors already available in Wilton,” from Mr. Wander, the question becomes, “of the total residences available for sale in Wilton, how many meet the needs of a retiree?”
If I were to move within Wilton, I would like less space, newer construction with more amenities, and more community life. On Sunday, March 19, I went to the Weichert website and filtered for residences ranging from 1,750 to 2,750 square feet, built between 2000 and 2015. The website returned two residences — one condo and one single- family home — out of 211 total residences for sale; not a population from which I would like to choose the home we would live in, after living in a home we both love for the past 32 years.
I realize that these are my parameters and other seniors will have different needs. Timing will have an impact also, but the fact is that while Wilton has a number of properties available, most of the available properties at this time do not meet the needs of this retired senior.
William Hughes
Thunder Lake Road, March 20