Letter: Wilton's Sugar Hollow bridge deserves consideration

To the Editors:
After reading about the planned repair of Wilton’s bridges, I am upset and concerned for the residents of Own Home Avenue, Connery Street, Read Place, Sunset Pass, Wilridge Road, Godfrey Lane and Cora Lane. The closing of the Sugar Hollow Road bridge prevents the only safe access to northbound Route 7. This affects approximately 70 households. The exit from Sugar Hollow Road provides a good line of sight in both directions.
I would ask our town officials to attempt a northbound turn from either Sunset Pass or Own Home Avenue at any time of day. With a poor line of sight from either of these roads, and Route 7 traffic, I believe you would choose to travel southbound and turn around to travel north, like many of the residents.
First Selectwoman Vanderslice stated, “I haven’t heard any complaints from people that live on Sugar Hollow Road.” That is probably because there is only one residence located on Sugar Hollow Road, and they have access to Route 7 with the good sight line in both directions. This sight line was previously available to all the residents, and is now being blocked by the closure of the bridge. To “discontinue” the use of the Sugar Hollow Road Bridge is not in the best interests of Wilton residents.
Possible solutions:

  • Repair the bridge. A prefabricated drop-in type.

  • Place traffic lights at Sunset Pass and/or Own Home Avenue.

If the existing bridge is only stable in the center of the span, allow one-lane travel over the center span until repairs can be made.
John Nesse
Wilton, May 13