Letter: Wilton residents — rude with a sense of entitlement

To the Editors:

I thought long and hard before contacting you to voice my feelings and observations through you to the citizens of Wilton and decided it was something I had to do. My daughter and son-in-law purchased a home in October 2016 and my husband and I have made several trips to their home thus far. Each and every visit to Wilton brings me sadness because most of the people I have encountered have been rude, non-social and possessed a sense of entitlement. My daughter and I visited a boutique business in Wilton Center and not one salesperson greeted us verbally or smiled at us. Therefore, that business would never receive my patronage under any circumstances.

It appeared to me that cell phones rule the land in Wilton. For example, on my last visit in May I was returning my cart at the Wilton Center Stop & Shop and a woman on her cell phone driving a high-end vehicle practically ran into me. She did not slow down nor did she acknowledge her irresponsible actions.

I pray my daughter and her husband and newborn granddaughter get transferred before my granddaughter attends school in Wilton. I have a sense the academic climate is conducive to the behavior I have witnessed and endured.

I absolutely love visiting my daughter and her family but once I am outside their home and in the Wilton community I have a feeling of dread and almost feel sorry for those who have no nor exhibit any class or decorum.
Yvonne M. Wagner
Lincoln University, Pa., June 28