Letter: Wilton needs a more transparent revaluation process

To the Editors:
The recent reappraisal process in Wilton raised many questions by the citizens as to fairness and transparency. In reviewing many reappraisals, we found that some appeared to be under-appraised, while others were over-appraised. Sensible Wilton believes the town can do better.
Sensible Wilton believes the key to fairness would be for the town to develop a written procedure as to how the process is conducted. We found there are many variables that are used without ever explaining how they affect the result. Specific examples of two variables that have a multiplier effect on your taxes are “location” and “grade.” The citizens deserve clear explanations of how these and other variables are derived.
Sensible Wilton has found that many citizens agree that the town should have clearly defined and written valuation criteria. As one citizen texted to us, “We support the initiative whereby the town should provide a detailed written explanation to residents as to how properties are appraised rather than the current ‘black box’ explanation currently provided. The existing procedures are simply unacceptable.”
Sensible Wilton asks the Board of Selectmen to develop a written process description as well as written definitions of the valuation criteria.
Alex Ruskewich
Sensible Wilton
Wilton, May 21