Letter: Wilton is a small town with a big appetite

To the Editors:
With a population of less than 20,000 and no stoplights in the village, I would describe Wilton as a small town with a big town appetite. How big? Every day we gobble up approximately $312,000 of goods and services. Only after we have consumed $114 million is our appetite satiated. On May 9, Wiltonians must vote whether or not it is time to go on a diet.
For me, it is a difficult decision. I feel safe and secure here. I never worry about my children walking around my neighborhood or the village. Our department of education consistently captures top marks and our athletic teams are competitive. The town’s recreational and cultural facilities are a little lean, but overall the quality of life in Wilton is well above average.  I don’t want my quality of life to decrease, but is the depth and breadth of our goods and services really necessary?
In some regards, the Town of Wilton is similar to a public company. The perceived value of a company’s  goods and services are reflected in its share price. Wilton’s metric for quality of life is more complicated, but at the end of the day, our property values are analogous to a company’s share price. If the rate of increase for goods and services is consistently greater than property appreciation, then we need to re-valuate our spending. According to the MLS, five years ago (2011) the median price for a home in Wilton was approximately $776,000. Today, the median price is slightly above $779,000. This $3,000 increase reflects annual property appreciation of just 0.1%. During the same time period, our budget increased from approximately $108,000,000 to $115,000,000. This represents an annual increase of 1.6%. I think it’s time we practice some portion control.
Tim Malburg
Wilton, May 6