Letter: Wilton developers free-for-all

To the Editors:

Now that the Wilton taxpayer is being burdened immensely by two highly questionable building tax albatrosses such as Miller-Driscoll and Comstock Turner projects, we are now being cast into a Wild West for Developers that will decrease home values.

Cannon Road, Wampum Hill, and Millstone proposed developments, if approved, will negatively impact our housing values even further. On Cannon Road, for example, there is a parcel of 56 acres deemed "forest" and contributing only $156 in taxes to Wilton's coffers each year. Cannon Road is a very nice part of town with lovely homes in the vicinity of that parcel with two-acre zoning. There are many properties in town that are deemed buildable lots and pay thousands of dollars to Wilton each year. On Cannon Road's 56-acre parcel, there is a proposal to put eight to 10 houses on one-acre lots and award the rest as conservation (it's ponds and wetlands anyway).

The first point is that our legislators let us down by allowing these types of "forested" tax gifts allowing developers to build while the rest of us are paying our fair share for empty building lots. The second point is that Cannon Road is not Route 7 or 33. It is a very narrow road that has very large, lovely homes on multiple acres. It is not conducive to cluster homes and if these homes are built, we will now have in effect a "double whammy" — escalating taxes and lower home values.

Welcome to the Wilton Wild West for Development!
Kevin Hickey
Black Alder Lane, Sept. 12