Letter: Wilton cannot afford new police headquarters

To the Editors:

I have an idea to manage the need for more space for the police department — reduce the number of police officers so they can fit in the current headquarters. Wilton’s population has been stable for 20 years. Our crime rate is low. Using data from the Connecticut General Assembly website (cga.ct.gov/2011/rpt/2011-R-0194.htm) and population statistics from Wikipedia, Wilton has more officers for our population than all our surrounding communities except Westport (see table below).

Town Population          Officers         Citizens/Office

New Canaan                       20,387 45        453

Redding                                9,293 16         581

Ridgefield                           25,244 39          647

Weston                               10,387 14          742

Westport                            27,899 81          344

Wilton                                18,714 42           446

Our town leaders need to think more about new sources of revenue (i.e., how about approving the Brubeck subdivision project to increase property tax collections)? Here’s another idea: how about housing the new police headquarters in the extra space available at our new Miller-Driscoll School?

Chris Foster

195 Branch Brook Road, April 27