Letter: Wilton Pizza did not deliver on fund raising

To the Editors:

It was with great interest I read last week’s article about Matt Criscuolo’s efforts to make amends for dumping raw sewage in the Norwalk River by donating half of his restaurants’ profits on designated days to environmental causes. The article stated that Mr. Criscuolo has been involved in many community events and fund-raisers since opening Wilton Pizza 20 years ago.

When my daughter was elected co-captain of the 2013/2014 Wilton High School Debate Team, she was given a packet of information that described one of these “fund-raisers.” The Wilton Debate Team is considered a club, not a sport, and receives limited financial support from WHS. The team is therefore required to undertake a significant fund-raising effort, the proceeds of which are used to offset debate entry fees, travel expenses and accommodations for out-of-state tournaments.

In the fall of 2009, Wilton Pizza agreed to donate a percentage of profits from Halloween weekend to the Wilton Debate Team. Debate team members were responsible for distributing coupons to family and friends to publicize the event. By all accounts, the event was successful and raised about $400 for the team. When the proceeds of the event were not received on a timely basis, the Debate Team contacted Wilton Pizza. Despite numerous promises the money was forthcoming, it was never received.

I would like to believe that Mr. Criscuolo is sincere in his effort to raise money for environmental causes and is not merely attempting to reverse a self-inflicted downturn in business. However, the cynic in me says that past performance is probably the best indicator of future behavior.

Gail Hiestand

183 Catalpa Road, Aug. 26