Letter: Wilton League of Women Voters considers research project for next year

To the Editors:
At Tuesday’s annual meeting of the Wilton League of Women Voters, Louise Herot presented a wonderful history of League studies here in Wilton. Studies focus on learning more about a subject important to Leaguers and the community. Participation in a study is also an opportunity to build life-long friendships over interesting discussions and informative research (Louise and Judy Zucker can attest to that).  While some studies seek to gather information and inform, other studies, like our School Start-Time Study, go even further and have a policy impact. As we look ahead to the next programming year, we are considering whether the Wilton League will conduct a study next year.
The first step takes place on Wednesday, June 24, at 9 a.m., at the Comstock Community Center, when Lisa Bogan will lead a discussion about League studies. This is an opportunity to learn the ways a League study can be structured and to discuss what level of interest there is in a study during our 2015-2016 programming year. Those participating in a study should approach the work with an open mind and expect to work collaboratively, listen attentively and gather data and conduct interviews in order to develop a broad understanding of the study topic.
The two topics we are considering for a League study are as follows:
1.  Wilton’s Business Climate. This would be an effort to understand Wilton’s business climate and to inform the current discussion in Wilton about the personal, local, regional and national factors that affect the local business climate in Wilton.
2.  Income Inequality. This study would focus on understanding income inequality and could be related to the 2009 Wilton LWV study and 2010 follow-up study seeking to understand the great recession’s impact on Wilton.
All League members and people interested in learning more about studies or participating in a study are welcome to attend. If you will be attending the June 24 meeting then please RSVP to wiltonlwv@gmail.com. If you cannot attend but are interested in working on a study next year, please email us at the same address to let us know your interest. Thank you.
Sharon Lewis Grace
Convener, Wilton League of Women Voters