Letter: Why so many mass shootings?

To the Editors:

I would like to thank Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kevin Smith for the excellent letter he wrote to the student body expressing his revulsion at the terrorist massacre at the Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue last week. I would also like to thank him for explaining what Wilton schools are doing to curb not only anti-Semitic behavior, but all types of discrimination in our town.

His letter was very comforting, but many of us are still grappling with why is the United States afflicted with so many of these mass shootings? Is it the fact we don’t allocate sufficient resources to mental health? Is it our gun control laws (or lack thereof)? Or, is it a combination of both? I hope we can implement necessary changes in our country to stop these horrific acts from occurring again. Whether it is a shooting at a school, house of worship, concert hall, or street corner we need to do better for our children.

They deserve it, don't they?
Alison Mark
Wilton, Nov. 5