Letter: Why not name Hillary Clinton a sociopath?

To the Editors:

Your March 10 issue included a wordy column presenting the writer’s self-admittedly unprofessional diagnosis of “antisocial personality disorder” assertedly afflicting one of the candidates for president. For those of us lacking his self-assumed qualifications, he stooped to explain that one who exhibits “antisocial personality disorder” is commonly referred to as a “sociopath.”

So, whom has this medical dilettante identified as the abhorrent “sociopath”? Is it Hillary? It is now well known that it would have been necessary for her to request approval from the host government before American forces would be deployed to rescue her people in Benghazi. But Mrs. Clinton simply failed to make such a request. Instead, she permitted State Department personnel to die at the hands of terrorists without lifting a finger to help them. This behavior clearly evidences her “reckless disregard for the safety … of others,” which the writer asserts to be a hallmark of a sociopathic personality.

Another criterion identified by the writer is “deceitfulness … for personal profit. …” She lied about the motivation for the Benghazi attack, trying to portray it as a spontaneous and ephemeral reaction to an Internet video. It is now known the attack was planned and prolonged. Had this fact been known immediately after the event occurred less than two months before the 2012 election, the administration would have been under pressure to take action in response. She could not permit that perception potentially to undermine her political future, so she lied.

The medical authority cited by the writer (the DSM IV) recognizes an additional factor evidencing a sociopathic personality: the failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest. Hillary has kept over 100 emails containing classified information on her private email server, in violation of law.

Yet the self-accredited psychiatrist did not identify her as his purported “
“sociopath.” Instead, he identified this individual as Donald Trump, based on “the positions he has taken” and “because I strongly believe his conduct fits the profile of a sociopath.” But he offered nothing more specific to establish a basis for his idiosyncratic opinion.

Upon reflection, it will be clear that a number of the behaviors described in the DSM IV are the norm for high officials of the U.S. government. Just consider the endless and unjustifiable wars waged and continuing under their direction. Consider also their endless stream of lies and routine disregard of the law, especially in favor of their banker benefactors. They make The Donald look like a saint by comparison, despite his numerous flaws.

What sets Trump apart from all of the other candidates is the fear and hatred he inspires in the sociopathic ruling class. And this is what makes him so attractive to so many voters.
Eugene L. Flanagan
Juniper Place, March 14