Letter: Why can’t questions be answered directly?

To the Editors:
Rather than reply to Wilton residents to budgeted project questions addressed to Wilton government or volunteers with project operational responsibilities, the town of Wilton has resorted to hiring a multitude of town attorneys to address very simple questions.
In June, Wilton taxpayers paid $28,000 alone and we are only budgeted for $81,000 for the whole year. There were also very simple questions about the upgrade for Fire Station #2, which should have been addressed by the people who are familiar or advocated the project. The result? A letter from a Wilton town attorney (another $5,000?).
Individuals who were addressed in the request asked if this is a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request, which is very troubling because all we are looking for are simple answers to simple questions. I guess the multitude of Wilton town attorneys are more familiar with the happenings of spending a multi-hundred-million-dollar budget than the people who advocate the budgeted projects and should respond directly.
Kevin Hickey
Black Alder Lane, Aug. 24