Letter: Who controls political news?

To the Editors:

Does President Obama control the press? Several months ago Public TV had a film by Frontline featuring Prime Minister Netanyahu. A brief section captured revealed Obama’s top secret trip to Egypt. It revealed thousands of Muslims who gave Obama many standing ovations. Our press revealed nothing.

Sharing more information not discussed is an article in the February 2016 issue of Vanity Fair regarding Hillary Clinton. It mentions Hillary’s “other daughter,” Huma Abedin, a Muslim. A quotation: “Everybody fights to be at the center (near Hillary Clinton) and Huma controls a lot of that.”

Born in America to intellectual parents, Huma remained here while her parents moved to Saudi Arabia. The Abedins are involved in Muslim Minority Rights and the wife is active in the International Islamic Council. It was banned in Israel due to ties to the Union of Good, a fund-raising organization. My appeal is that you please read the article. My curiosity has been stimulated concerning the Clintons’ involvement, if any. Is Hillary’s fund supporting these organizations? A journalist said she sends financial aid for them in the Middle East. I have no way to validate if it’s true.

(The writer is 93 years old).
Helena Micka Willett
Wilton Meadows Health Care Center
Wilton, Sept. 27