Letter: What’s all the fuss about Russian hacking?

To the Editors:
I find it hard to believe all the fuss going on around the Russian hacking. Is there anyone out there that does not believe that the U.S. has teams of hackers working against foreign governments? I am sure that as soon as the worldwide web became a reality we had people looking into ways to get into systems around the globe, and am sure they are still out there working diligently. And how can we as a nation be offended by anyone trying to manipulate our elections? Really? We have been doing that for probably 100 years all over the world, trying to make sure that a country had someone in power who would be friendly to us, but sometimes it backfired, Saddam Hussein being one of the more notable examples, so it is OK for us to be mad at Russia or any nation trying to rig our elections, but can we really blame others for doing what we do as well?
As to the hacking affecting the outcome of the election, I cannot see how that is possible as voting machines are not connected to the Internet, and if it is believed that the emails released were enough to sway voters, we must remember the emails were just the words of the sender, but not intended for our eyes, so if they were bad enough to sway a voter, they should never have been sent in the first place.
I say let’s give President Trump a chance, I really think he wants to do the right thing by our country.
Bayden “Bud” Taylor
100 River Road, Jan. 9