Letter: What is the root of ethnic hatred?

To the Editors:

Following the anti-semitic tragedy that occurred in Pittsburgh at the end of October and this local tragedy in Stamford, I’ve found myself taking a step back and asking, why? What is it that sparks such hatred within an individual to act in such inhumane and discriminatory ways? I feel that as humans, we tend to react to these tragedies solely based on our instinctive emotions rather than recognizing the root of the issue and searching for solutions.

Maybe the only question is not what is wrong with the individual who acts out of hatred, but what is wrong with the culture that breeds this hatred. What is it about Stamford, Conn., that has lead this individual to display this behavior? Further, what is it about the United States, which has a higher percentage of anti-semitic hate crimes than Germany, that provokes this behavior?

With this being said, I am not proposing that this individual should be made blameless for this horrendous crime. I am only displaying the possibility that this behavior could be resulting from a pattern within the United States, and that there could be ways to resolve this behavior through this perspective.
Sommer Rogg
Wilton, Nov. 12