Letter: What do you mean, no snowball fights?

To the Editors:

I remember growing up when recess was at least a half an hour, and we played dodgeball. Sometimes kids who weren't paying attention got hit in the head. Life lesson!  We played tag. We played football. Tackle, no pads. We played Kill the Carrier! The recess monitor could always step in if things got out of hand, but we played hard, got dirty, and had fun.

Yes, sometimes there were scraped knees, a head bump, or hurt feelings. And even in gym class, we always kept score when playing a game — I mean otherwise, what is the point of playing a game!?! We learned as much, if not more, about ourselves, each other, and life at recess and on playing fields or on an ice rink as we did in the classroom.

Let's teach our kids to be active and interactive human beings, not sedentary drones!

I am saddened when my son and daughter come home and tell me kids are not allowed to have a snowball fight at recess if we are blessed with snow.

Ted Hoffstatter
Deer Run Road, March 10
(Editor's Note: This letter has been edited at the writer's request.)