Letter: What are the details on town-owned property?

To the Editors:

I was astounded to read in the Jan. 11 Bulletin details of the building leased to Café Ruche, saying our town owns this building which was originally the Center School. Are we really involved in income-producing property requiring those experienced in rental properties? Who runs these? Obviously we must realize significant profits. Where is this income divulged to taxpayers? Are we hiring these experts? What are their wages?

Surely the sale of such property would abate the significant call from those who are calling for reaching out to developers that would change the landscape of our quiet, beautiful village as a way to minimize our tax assessments. Are there other buildings?

We have resided in Wilton since 1971 and somehow this ownership has escaped me. Where is the public notification of costs, incomes, negotiations, etc.?

I would very much appreciate explanation in The Bulletin of the history of the town’s management arrangements, as well as the current financial status.

Thank you.

Lewis J. Marino

Old Boston Road, Jan. 30