Letter: We need to understand the school budget

To the Editors:

Now that the school budget has been voted on and approved, we can all relax a bit. Until we realize it's only 51 weeks until we must be ready for the next budget vote. I, for one, and I suspect the majority of voters, didn't know just what we were voting for. Now there's time to remedy that.

I would like to suggest that the Board of Education and The Bulletin get together and start a series aimed at improving an understanding of our schools. As a starter, I would request they publish a list of semester-length courses that are required of all students for each year from grades 8 to 12. This would only take a few column inches and would serve as a foundation for future topics in the series. Courses should be given descriptive titles such as Algebra, Latin, Civics, American History I, American History II, Physics, etc.  which voters can relate to.
Al Wood
Glen Hill Road, May 16