Letter: We need reminders to vote

To the Editors:

Last week’s voter turnout of 9.6% was disgraceful. I was part of the other 90.4%, and I am ashamed.

I had been reading the local press about the town budget and the voting dates. I have voted at most election polls in the past 25 years. The signs in some parts of town have reminded me to vote.

It’s interesting, though, that I have never seen any signs around town to remind me about voting on the town budget. Never!

So, I missed casting my vote. And I regretted it. I could have been the 1,075th person to be heard. I could have been the 1,075th person to take our democratic privilege seriously.

But, I wish the town had reminded me to vote. A progressive town seriously interested in the opinions of its citizens would have.

Anup Mody

Piper’s Hill Road, May 20