Letter: Vote ‘no’ on budget to get board’s attention

To the Editors:
When a Wilton family alleged their daughter was sexually abused by a preschool paraprofessional at Miller-Driscoll School in 2012, the director of the Pre-K, Dr. Fred Rapczynski:
Failed to file a report with the Department of Child and Families (DCF) in the time prescribed in the law.
When he did file, presented it in a fashion as if nothing had happened.
Did not tell parents that Von Kohorn had admitted taking Jane Doe into bathroom against school policy.
In his deposition stated Girl Doe’s teacher, considered her behavior “provocative” or “flirtatious,” essentially casting doubt on a four-year-old child.
Dr. Rapczynski was not alone in failing to take action to properly investigate the sexual abuse complaint. It seems in the Wilton School System highly paid managers are never held responsible for anything:
Ann Paul, director of Special Services, never pursued a thorough investigation.
Then-Superintendent [Gary] Richards was aware of the complaint and never pursued it.
The Board of Education (BoE) never called for a thorough investigation and even promoted Ann Paul to assistant superintendent, with a large pay raise, after the school system was advised of the investigation of Von Kohorn.
We the citizens of Wilton also bear a responsibility for allowing this reckless behavior by the school system and the BoE. Sensible Wilton believes the only way to get the attention of the BoE is through the budget process. On May 2, the Annual Town Meeting will be held at the Clune Center at 7:30 p.m. Please try to attend and express your opinions. We believe a “no” vote on the budget is important to get their attention.
Alex Ruskewich
Calvin road, April 24