Letter: Vote ‘no’ budget too high

To the Editors:

In order to make Wilton more competitive by increasing home values versus surrounding towns, we must decrease taxes sending a strong message to the Board of Education by voting down the budget. For years they claimed fabricated enrollment numbers in order to renovate a preschool for over $40 million when in fact enrollment is falling. The  BOE  has not effected best practices and has hired coaches and coaches of coaches for teachers for millions in consulting fees. Good teachers are leaving. The new financial director uses terms like “voodoo economics.” Outplacement costs were $164,000 per student. Enough is enough. Our taxes have skyrocketed as a result of the bloated BOE and our home values have decreased considerably compared with surrounding communities.

We should also send a strong message to the Board of Selectmen who have no qualms about over-development on scenic roads decimating the bucolic character of Wilton.  The developers reap the rewards while resident home values decrease due to over inventory. We keep hearing that our tax base will increase when Wilton home sales remain very cold, as opposed to other towns who are warm, and our taxes go up anyway. Comstock was renovated for $9 million and most of the facility is empty. Let’s move part if not all of town hall in there and move the Wilton Police Department to the present town hall.

Let’s make Wilton a winner again, focusing on an efficient government rather than out-of-control tax and spend town government that Wilton presently has.
Kevin Hickey
Black Alder Lane, April 24